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A resume is an individual summary of qualifications and experience specific to a position an applicant is seeking. A resume is critical in setting you apart from every other job applicant as it outlines your work history, education, achievements and tells the story behind a person's work trajectory. Common questions include what a resume should target, if he/she should have a different resume for each job they are applying for, etc.

cover letters

A cover letter is often submitted with a resume when applying and/or interviewing for a job. Your cover letter sets you apart from every other resume and tells why you are the best person for that job. In your cover letter you can list specifics to show what skills, education and experience make you stand out in comparison to others applying for the same or similar jobs.

career coaching

Career Coaching teaches Career Search Strategies to the prospective job seeker including how and where to search for a job, how to narrow your job search, how to research specific hourly rates and salaries according to job title(s), etc. There are numerous styles of career coaching and I am here to identify which is best for each of my clients.

interview strategies

Interview Coaching teaches the techniques needed to get an interview including but not limited to dressing for success, body language during an interview, Interviewing acronyms to remember, as well as questions to ask during an interview what questions to avoid and how, etc.

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